ATLAS Ein-Ausfuhranmeldungen Bundesweit, bei jede Zollstelle Deutschland Декларироваяие экспорта-импорта во всех таможенных постах Германии
ATLAS  Ein-Ausfuhranmeldungen Bundesweit, bei jede Zollstelle DeutschlandДекларироваяие экспорта-импорта во всех таможенных постах Германии

Depot Service and Consolidated Transport

By prior arrangement, we can consolidate your shipments for a later one-time shipment. Cargoes should be delivered to the following address:
Paul Schockemoehle Logistics
(to the attention of Dr.Ieremenko e.K.)
Reichardtstrasse 9-13
06847 Dessau

Necessarily with endorsement (to the attention of Dr.Ieremenko e.K.).

Working times: Mo - Fr 08:00 to 17:00
Contact Person - Mr. Duke, Tel .: +49 (0) 340 55 11 29 61

Transit shipments can be delivered directly to the warehouse.

We are an authorized consignee - DE / 7350 / ZE / 0007.

Our EORI-Number is DE4626001.

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