ATLAS Ein-Ausfuhranmeldungen Bundesweit, bei jede Zollstelle Deutschland Декларироваяие экспорта-импорта во всех таможенных постах Германии
ATLAS  Ein-Ausfuhranmeldungen Bundesweit, bei jede Zollstelle DeutschlandДекларироваяие экспорта-импорта во всех таможенных постах Германии

Declaration of Export Vehicles

To draw up the Export Declaration for the vehicle exported from the territory of Germany, you must provide the following Documents:

  • A completed Power of Attorney, with an EORI-Number of the Exporter / Seller. Information about the EORI-Number can be found on the Website of the German customs Office.
  • Invoice / Purchase Contract
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (Part I and Part II), registration plates, if available
  • Complete address of the loading / transfer of the car (Company Name / Name, Street, House Number, ZIP Code, City)
  • Contact person (last name, first name, position, telephone)
  • Full Address of the Recipient (Company Name / Name, Street,House Number, ZIP Code, City, Country)
  • The Mode of Transport and the Point of Crossing of the goods at the border of the European Union.
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