ATLAS Ein-Ausfuhranmeldungen Bundesweit, bei jede Zollstelle Deutschland Декларироваяие экспорта-импорта во всех таможенных постах Германии
ATLAS  Ein-Ausfuhranmeldungen Bundesweit, bei jede Zollstelle DeutschlandДекларироваяие экспорта-импорта во всех таможенных постах Германии

Export Declaration

In order to register your Export Declaration, we need the following Documents from you:

  • A completed Power of Attorney, with an EORI-Number of the Exporter / Seller. Information about the EORI-Number can be found on the Website of the German Customs Office.
  • Invoice and Packing List with Product Description, Cost, Quantity and Type of Packages, Customs Tariff Numbers and Gross and Net weight for each Item. You can determine the Customs Tariff Numbers of the goods using the Website of the German Customs Service. If necessary, you can have the choice of Tariff Numbers confirmed in the Helpdesk of the Customs of Germany.
  • The exact Storage Location of the goods (complete address).
  • Contact person (Last name, First name, Position, Telephone).
  • The Mode of Transport and the Point of Crossing of the goods at the border of the European Union.


Presentation outside of the Customs Office

In this case you do not have to transport the goods to a customs office for inspection. The only restriction is the filing of the export declaration no later than 1 working day before and at least 2 hours before the end of the working time of the relevant customs office.


In the event of a possible visit by an employee of the Customs Office, you should expect a period of time (usually 1 hour) in relation to the business hours of the relevant customs office.


This possible visit by a customs employee will be charged to you by the Customs Office.

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